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We are excited to announce some improvements to play-ability for the 2017 season. Ed Michaud and his crew have been hard at work this winter clearing and cutting back fescue, and cutting a number of trees down on the course. Slowly over time trees, fescue and underbrush can creep in on the fairways and open areas of a course negatively impacting play-ability for a mid to high handicap golfer. It is our goal to make the course more accessible to golfers of all skill levels while adhering to the design philosophy that created the top rated course we all love.

Here is a hole by hole overview of changes over the winter.

  1. No Change
  2. No Change
  3. No Change
  4. Tree work on the right side of the landing area, the beech in the middle, and the cluster of trees on the left.
  5. High grass by the 5th tee (left of 4th green/landing area) has been cut down and is playable.
  6. Tree work on the left side of the gully
  7. Tree work specifically removal of one oak tree and pruning of yellow birches
  8. No Change
  9. Long hazard stakes for visibility and addition of marker in center of fairway 150 yards from green.
  10. Tree work including large tree on right and some smaller trees in the vicinity.
  11. Tall grass by pond mowed further and higher toward right of green
  12. Tree work on both sides of the ravine.
  13. No Change
  14. Tree work on right off the tee.
  15. No Change.
  16. Clean up waste bunker
  17. Tall grass cut back
  18. Tree work on right side of corner to allow improved visibility around corner from the right side of the fairway.

Here is a video of the big tree on 10 coming down (please excuse the language)


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